Update: Ukraine Summer Camps 2022


Ukraine Summer camps


Update: August-September 2022


Dear brothers and sisters!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all who have donated to and been praying for Life Ministry International!  Our brothers and sisters in Ukraine are going through times of great tribulation and despair. We are blessed to be able to serve them together with you.

Because of your prayers and financial support, we are able to bring food, clothing, and medical supplies to Ukraine, making deliveries to the locations along the frontlines in the Mykolaiv Region.  Your donations enable us to buy fuel and cover the maintenance costs of our delivery and evacution vehicles.

We help people in the villages that are under continuous rocket attacks and shelling. We provide supplies to the hospitals and anyone in need. We help people evacuate to safety.

In the village of Druzhkivka, between Kramatorsk and Bakhmut, in the Donbas Region, we were able to evacuate 19 handicapped individuals, from a small elderly care facility. Ten were either in a wheelchair or on crutches, and nine were completely bedridden. We transported them to Vatutina, near Uman, away from the front line.

In August, we ran two summer camps, week-long each. A total of 145 individuals, both adults and children, were able to attend and get a respite from the war.  Those were the families evacuated from locations along the frontline. God had truly blessed us and answered our prayers for those camps.  We were able to recruit persons experienced in work with trauma, to help children who have lived through shelling, bombing and other traumatic events.

During our first camp, we served 66 children and 24 adults, a total of 90 individuals. The second camp, for another group of famies, followed right after. Spending a week in a peaceful and relaxing environment was much needed. Both groups were able to not only relax,  but also hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is very unfortunate for our homeland to be going through such difficult times, such despair and tribulation. However, this also brought about hunger for God; people’s hearts are open to the Gospel.

We had a privilege to be a part of multiple outreach services. We saw many people in tears, being touched by God. Many have asked for our team to return. People are grateful for the food and supplies, but, most importantly, for bringing the hope and the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We established a local team of volunteers in Ukraine, which continues to serve relentlessly, attending both to physical and spiritual needs of many.

Once again, thank you for all your support, and all the great work you are doing for Our Lord, His Kingdom, His people!


Anatoliy Rudenkiy


Ukraine Trip August 2022

     Preparations for an evangelical outreach, this location is only 10-12 km away from the frontline. There are 200 people that live in this facility, including babies. Food, diapers and other supplies delivered by Life Ministry International. Many thanks to all who aren’t indifferent!!!

     A woman sharing that her family is hosting relatives, who had to flee their home, due to danger. She says they are doing what they can to help, though that is no easy, as there is currently no work and no income.

Life Ministry International praying with local people for salvation and God’s protection.

Prayer with locals

Update: July 12, 2022

Compilation of recent volunteer work.

Another trip to Ukriane with our team


Life Ministry International volunteers have visited this location a number of times. It is at the very front line, along one of the villages around the city of Mykolaiv. The volunteers brought food and other supplies to the Ukrainian defenders. When the bombs exploded at night, near the building where the men slept, not one person got killed or even injured. They later said that it is due to your prayers that we survived this explosion.


Results of War

Update: June 2022

Dear friends,

After 2 months of our volunteer work in Ukraine, we have returned to Alaska in order to hold youth camps at native villages in the North of Alaska.  We plan to return to Ukraine at the end of July 2022.

Since the beginning of our work in Ukraine, we were able to deliver 60 tons of humanitarian aid and helped evacuate 228 people who lived near the front lines. Also, we took some time to establish good relationships with many charitable organizations, including the Ukrainian Red Cross.

God blessed us with local brothers in Christ who are presently continuing to do our work. We have entrusted our vehicles to them as well as continue to pay for the trips.  So the four Sprint busses continue to work for the kingdom of God: evacuating people, feeding the hungry, serving windows and orphans, serving the refugees and preaching the Gospel.  Our bothers take provisions to the “hot spots” (highly dangerous areas) which are lacking water and food.  Thank God it is now summer and people are at least no longer struggling to stay warm!

Presently, the Western Ukraine is full of refugees who were able to escape from Eastern Ukraine, where active fighting is ongoing.

Huge thanks to all who support Life Ministry International with prayers and finances.  We intend to continue our work in Ukraine for as long as there is a need. May God bless every single person for your participation in this work!

The photos and videos shared here were taken by our brother Bogdan.

Respectfully,  Anatoliy Rudenkiy

Delivering humanitarian aid

Update: April 27, 2022

Deliveries and refugees. Multiple locations.

Update: April 16, 2022

God blessed us with 10 tons of food that we were able to take to Mykolaiv. The city has been without water since April 11. The frontline goes through nearby villages. Many have lost their homes and all means to exist. Many are hiding in crawl spaces of multi-story buildings, while caring for their elderly, immobile parents. We shared with people about God, prayed with them and handed out Bibles.

During our first trip to Mykolaiv, we helped evacuate 20 people. There was one gravely ill man, whom we carried in a blanket into our cargo van and laid him on a mattress on the floor of the car, where he remained for two days, while we covered the 1,300 km distance.

Everything happened in an instant. Two parents, their grown son Alexander, with his wife and daughter, were about to eat lunch. Suddenly, they realized that their village was being bombed. Alexander was helping his wife and daughter lower into the crawlspace, when a bomb exploded near the house. The bomb destroyed the house and Alexander was severely wounded. He lost part of his hip bone. He was taken to a hospital in Mykolaiv.

A month after Alexander arrived at the hospital and was still there, a bomb exploded in the hospital’s yard, shattering all windows and blowing out doors. All who were in the hospital had to evacuate. Alexander was in such bad state, still, that no one but his parents was willing to move him.

We arrived in Mykolaiv as the family was trying to figure out what to do next. So we were able to help this family, as well as others, to evacuate from the living hell into Western Ukraine. Praise God for everything!

Video was taken at Polish-Ukrainian border.

Update: April 10, 2022

     Today is Sunday.  We are on the road, transporting some refugees to Poland. On the way there, we stopped at a village called Zarichya Bukovina and attended a church service there. A great sermon was followed by fervent prayer.  Two people got baptized by the Holy Spirit.  Hallelujah!

Since our arrival in Ukraine, on March 24, 2022, God helped us evacuate a total of 156 people, as of today.

After the recent attack at Kramatorsk train station, more local believers have volunteered to help with evacuation efforts – we only help cover the cost of fuel for the extra vehicles.

We are endlessly grateful to all who pray and support us financially.

Anatoliy Rudenkiy


Update: April 7, 2022   

     It has been 2 weeks since we crossed the Ukrainian border on March 24, 2022.  We have held many meetings, trying to organize our trips, determining where the need for humanitarian aid is the greatest and figuring out the logistics.  We also held services in three Ukrainian churches.

     So far, we have taken two trips to a small town in the Eastern part of Ukraine, Donetsk Region, where people have been hiding in bomb shelters, crawl spaces, and cellars, for over one month now. They have no electricity or natural gas, no heat, no water. They cook over the fire, risking getting shelled. For drinking and cooking, they use water from ponds.  Many are getting sick with diarrhea and other illnesses. There is still a great need for food and medical supplies.

     During the two trips, we have helped 76 people to evacuate into (relative) safety.  On our way back, we pray with our passengers and talk about God. Most people aren’t believers, some are orthodox believers. They all pray as they can and are very greatful.

     We are currently enroute the third time. We have 3 mini vans with seats and one freight truck (all vehicles are loaded with food and medical supplies). This time, we expect to evacuate more than 50 people – they are willing to sit on the floor of a vehicle, during our lengthy trip, as long as it means they are out of danger.

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support!
Anatoliy Rudenkiy

Update: April 6, 2022

Dear friends, with God’s help, we were able to deliver two tons of food to a messianic community in Zhytomyr. Christians from several communities in Zhytomyr gather together for services. Many people have left the city.
The ones who remained behind are those who have no place to go, the lonely, the sick and the elderly. They are staying at a church.

Praise God, dear ones, that together we were able to serve these people.



On March 24th, we arrived at our base in Ukraine. The following morning, two vans with humanitarian aid drove into locations with ongoing active fighting. They will be delivering food and medical supplies to civilians who are currently hiding in bomb shelters and bringing back those who are eager to flee.

In our observation, the biggest immediate needs in Ukraine are food and medical supplies. We are currently working on arranging the next load of humanitarian aid and figuring out the logistics of future aid deliveries and of moving refugees to safety.


On March 23rd, we left for Poland, to pick up our first Sprinter van, left there by the other team of volunteers from Alaska. We are very greatful to the Awakening Europe Ministry for donations of clothing, medical supplies, and other humanitarian aid – when we arrived, all donations were loaded and ready to go! What a blessing!


It has been amazing how the Lord has been leading us! During our first week in Europe, we made connections with churches and ministries in Slovenia.

Slovenian brothers and sisters helped us find and purchase 1.5 tons of food at wholesale prices. A local church helped us load the food and other humanitarian aid. God blessed us tremendously through Slovenian believers!


Praise the Lord, brothers and sisters! On March 15, 2022, we arrived safely in Frankfurt, Germany. Our brothers and sisters from Nehemia AVC ministry came to meet us at the airport and hosted us while there.

During our first four days in Germany, we purchased two Sprinter vans. The two new vehicles were loaded with 3.4 tons of food and 0.6 tons of other humanitarian aid. Thus far, most of our spending had been on food, medical supplies and transportation expenses, while other items, like clothing, had been donated.

German people also blessed us with a donation of another Sprinter van! Therefore, we now have FOUR vehicles available towards our humanitarian efforts in Ukraine! Note: Our ministry’s first Sprinter van was purchased prior to our arrival and was used by another team of volunteers from Alaska, who served refugees in Poland.


Please keep us in your prayers. We need God’s guidance, wisdom, and protection over us and everything that we do. May everything be done for His Glory! May the Lord open the doors that need to be opened and close the ones that need to be closed, may He send the right people our way and keep the wicked ones away.